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OHUI The First Geniture Signature Set Premium Total Skin care

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The First Geniture Skin Softener - 150ml + 20ml

The First Geniture Emulsion - 145ml + 20ml

The First Geniture 24k Gold  Ampoule Advanced 20ml

Cell Essential Source - 40ml

The First Geniture sym-micro essence - 5ml

The First Geniture Foam Cleanser - 50ml

The First Geniture Cream Intensive - 7ml

The First Geniture 2 colours special lip collection

* The contents of this gift set may vary depending on the supply situation,

but the main products will not be changed.


The First, source of life energy

1.  Signature 29 Cell™

Signature 29 Cell™ is the key active ingredient of The First Total Care and the essence of advanced skin invigorating ingredient of CHA Biotech. This exclusive ingredient of The First self-generates 29 kinds of active ingredients of recombined stem cell culture fluid from inner skin and infuses energy into tired skin to revitalize.

2. “Golden remedy for life energy” - White peony

Concentrated energy of the strong life force of white peony that even blooms in sterile environment helps skin self-strengthen its vigor and protection power naturally.

3. Transkin EGF/hGH™

Transkin EGF/hGH™ is an exclusive technology of The First to penetrate golden remedy of skin vitality, epidermal growth factor and human growth hormone, into skin five times deeper.

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