Amz Shn Eyelash Blk - 747L

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False Eyelashes – 100% Human Hair 

Light as a feather and reusable, these lashes complete any look and add glamour to your everyday make up.


Amazing Shine Lashes are hand crafted with 100% premium, ultra soft human hair for a feather light feel and a glamorous look. They boast an ultra black shade and are washable and reusable!


Used by make up artists worldwide including the likes of London based YouTube legends Pixiwoo, Amazing Shine have created a wide variety of high quality strip and flare lashes at an extremely affordable price.


Available in a wide range of styles including Natural Lashes, Singles, Flares & Trio’s.



How to apply with Amazing Shine Eyelash Adhesive:


Apply a thin line along base of false lash (Never apply directly to your eyelids)


Let it set for 30 seconds or until sticky


During this time, holding the lash by both ends of the base strip, flex the eyelash back and forth forming the shape of a horseshoe


This contours the base strip to fit your eyelid easily and comfortably.


Use a lash applicator or your fingers to apply the lash as close as possible to the natural lash line and hold until secure.


To Remove Lashes:


Gently peel lash strip from outer to inner corner of lid

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